Our Plans and Pricing

We have plans and prices that fit your business perfectly.
Make your client site a success with our products.


  • Up to 3 public simulators in Model Engineer
  • Access limited to one Tier 1 computing resource


199/ month
  • 50GB SSD storage included
  • Store datasets of up to 25GB
  • Access up to Tier 2 computing resources
  • Up to 10 simulators in Model Engineer


499/ month
  • 250GB SSD storage included
  • Store datasets of up to 100GB
  • Access up to Tier 4 computing resources
  • Up to 20 simulators in Model Engineer
  • Up to 20 simulators in Simulation Studio


999/ month
  • 1TB SSD storage included
  • Store datasets of up to 250GB
  • Access of up to Tier 6 computing resources
  • Unlimited simulators in Model Engineer
  • Unlimited simulators in Simulation Studio


Have a bigger challenge to solve?
  • All features from Pro
  • Custom computing resources with tens of GPUs
  • 24/7 support
  • Custom simulator development
We're also giving out 100% discount for 1 month for everybody who completes our Siml.ai Early Adopter Survey- you can get more information in our community Discord, which you can join here.

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We are giving out free 1 month discounts to early adopters - ask around in our community Discord!


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