Welcome to Siml.ai version 0.5. In this release, we focused on user experience enhancements, fixing bugs, and improving performance. Below are the key highlights of this update.

New Features

  • Selective Geometry Rendering:

    Fine-Tune Visualization: Users can now exercise greater control over their simulations by rendering specific parts of geometry, optimizing their workflow and focusing on the intricacies that matter most to them.

    Visual Editor Tutorial Tour:

  • Guided Editing Experience: Explore the enhanced visual editor with confidence, thanks to the newly introduced tutorial tour. Step-by-step guidance ensures that users can make the most of the powerful visual editing features with ease.

    Compute Credits Usage Tracking:

  • Transparent Billing Insights: Keep a close eye on your compute resource consumption with the addition of monthly or hourly compute credits usage tracking on the billing page. Gain valuable insights into resource utilization for better cost management.

    Geometry Thumbnails for Simulators:

    • Quick Identification: Simulators now come to life with geometry thumbnails, providing a visual preview that makes it easy to identify and select the right simulation. This visual enhancement simplifies simulator management and selection.

      Email Notifications for Simulation Status:

Stay Informed: Receive timely email notifications about the completion or failure of your simulations. Stay informed about the status of your simulations without having to constantly check the platform, ensuring a more efficient and proactive workflow.


  • 1. Enhanced Default Tab on Simulator Page:

    • New Default Experience: The geometry viewer now takes the spotlight as the first tab upon entering the simulator page, providing users with a more immersive and intuitive starting point for their simulation journeys.

    2. Revamped Sidebar for Streamlined Navigation:

    • Intuitive Workflow Representation: Experience a simplified left sidebar that mirrors your workflow, offering a more intuitive and user-friendly navigation system. Effortlessly navigate through the platform as you progress through your simulation tasks.

      3. UI Bug Fixes:

    • Enhanced Stability: We've diligently addressed and fixed several UI bugs to ensure a smoother and more stable user experience. Enjoy a seamlessly responsive interface for uninterrupted simulation work.

      Send us your feedback

    We value your feedback! If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please reach out to us through our Discord channel.

    🦾 Thank you for using Siml.ai! We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the new features and improvements in version 0.5.