Last few months have been exciting for DimensionLab, perpetually coming out with news and updates. We launched the beta version of the software at the beginning of September, which was covered by the tech giant NVIDIA, with whom we collaborated on a blogpost released soon after. Now, we shipped the v0.3 release, where we introduced custom equations and plugins — features that allow unprecedented customisation of the software for all the peculiar and unique needs our clients have. This is the first step towards next-gen simulation software that learns and adapts while it is being used. We now have a lot to show. So we did. We went to the biggest tech conference in Europe, Web Summit 2023, and showed to the world.

Web Summit 2023 took place in the vibrant city of Lisbon. This global technology conference is renowned for bringing together innovators, technology leaders, and industry pioneers worldwide. We were looking forward to the Summit as it is a unique occasion to meet future clients, collaborators, and investors in person, engage with the latest trends, gain valuable insights, and foster meaningful connections within the tech community. Web Summit provides an unparalleled platform for networking, collaboration, and staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. Throughout the three days we spent there, we immersed ourselves in the energy of innovation and actively seized the opportunities that Web Summit 2023 has to offer.Web Summit 2023 brought together 70,236 people and companies, redefining the tech industry. We presented to hundreds of interested visitors and established some vital connections, it is a great pleasure to meet people who need your product, seek it, and are excited to meet you and finally find what they’re looking for.

Eventually, the shared experiences, visionary ideas we exchanged and the dynamic discussions we had will shape the future of our industry and bridge the worlds of “real-life” physics and digital twins through simulation. attracted a lot of attention through global partnerships and connections to other representatives of emerging technologies. It bridges industries, integrating AI-driven numerical simulations with scientific learning principles to revolutionise how industries approach solving engineering and scientific challenges. The team from DimensionLab was right at the forefront of the AI & machine learning companies area, represented by our team consisting of Braňo Kršák, Head of R&D Partnerships, Peťo Macinsky from the sales team and Dávid Jopek from the marketing team.

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During the event, our team unravelled the core mechanics and key components of the architectures of state-of-the-art scientific machine learning models. We demonstrated the vast potential and the groundbreaking opportunities PhysicsML brings to the table. We proudly displayed the potential of the technology we are leveraging and the power of the software we develop.WebSummit 2023 was a powerful networking event where we started building new partnerships and opened numerous collaborations — yet that was just the first step. We look forward to welcoming our connections from Lisbon to the platform, where we can roll up our sleeves and help the industry get faster, save costs, and make simulation far more sustainable and intuitive than it used to be.